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What is Natdac 60 mg?

Daclatasvir is one of the key components of treatment for hepatitis C virus. Patients using the drug in complex therapy significantly increase the chance of a speedy recovery - from 40 to 98%. Its action is based on blocking the development and reproduction of a viral infection. Exact localization allows drug's that kill pathogens, such as Sofosbuvir, to act in a targeted manner. Despite the fact that officially Daclatasvir is not imported into India, there are substitutes for drugs with the same active substance.

Residents of Moscow, and indeed the whole country, can freely buy Natdac, which has similar properties. Natdac was brought to us from India and is a full-fledged generic - the same composition drug.


Natdac from India consists of the following components:

  • daclatasvir in a dosage of 60 mg - the main active substance;
  • croscarmellose;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • silica.

The Medicine contributes to the targeted effect of Sofosbuvir, which is part of complex therapy. By localizing the virus in the liver, Daclatasvir (Natdac) contributes to its complete destruction without the threat of relapse.

Recommendations for use:

The medicine is intended for patients suffering from hepatitis C virus 1, 2, 3, 4 genotypes. If the disease is not accompanied by concomitant liver problems, such as cirrhosis, fibrosis or HIV infection, the standard course of Natdac is 12 weeks.

The usual dosage for an adult is 1 tablet once a day, regardless of food intake. However, before starting use, we strongly recommend consulting a doctor to adjust the dose and duration of treatment. On our website it is more profitable to order a full course of therapy, then you can save on the cost of delivery, 

Features of use:

Order Natdac is a great opportunity to overcome the hepatitis C virus for those who:

  • reached 18 years old;
  • does not suffer from individual intolerance to lactose or components of the drug;
  • does not carry a fetus and is not a nursing mother;
  • Do not drink alcohol during therapy.

With cirrhosis or the need for surgery in the liver, it is important to be regularly observed by your doctor. Also consult with a specialist about the possibility of concomitant use of Natdac with other medicines. Subject to the above requirements, side effects from treatment with Natdac occur in no more than 1% of patients. It can be:

  • digestive system disorders - constipation, loss of appetite, nausea, discomfort in the stomach;
  • symptoms of the central nervous system - headache, weakness, insomnia, irritability;
  • pain in the muscles and joints.

Since the incidence of side effects is minimal, hurry to buy Natdac and soon begin a course of treatment. Ordering a medicine is very simple - just fill out a short feedback form. Still have unresolved questions? Ask them to our managers online or by calling the hotline.

Natco Pharma LTD
28 Tablets

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