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Natco Pharma

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Sofosbuvir (Sovaldi)

400 mg

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28 Tablets

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What Is Hepcinat 400 mg tablets?

Hepcinat 400 mg tablets are an NS5B polymerase inhibitor. They have an overwhelming effect on the virus that provokes the development of hepatitis C, and are positively characterized when used in combination therapy. "Hepatitis C chronic form" - the diagnosis in which you should buy Hepcinat (the price depends on the packaging). If the patient also has HIV infection, then the results and the course of treatment should be monitored.

Buy Hepcinat Online From India

Indian drugs developed specifically for the treatment of patients with a diagnosis of Hepatitis C are known worldwide, because they are extremely effective and effective. Hepcinat tablets, which can be ordered from Heptopic, are one of them. A high-quality generic is inexpensive; it has proven effective and has a mild effect on the body. Hepcinat is widely used in leading clinics in the world; it is very difficult to buy a drug from India. You can’t  find it in pharmacies, therefore, after a doctor’s recommendation, we advise you to place an order on our website. The drug shows high efficiency with the first genotype of the virus.


Hepatitis C 1, 2, 3, and 4 genotypes have been successfully treated with Hepcinat made in India. The optimal daily dose of the drug is 1 tablet, that is, 400 mg of the active substance. You need to drink the medicine with a glass of water without chewing the tablet. It is advisable to take Hepcinat with food, not on an empty stomach. To do this, select a specific time and do not miss a reception.

List of Side Effects:

Those who previously decided to buy Hepcinat as directed by a doctor noted that the drug has a mild effect on the body, practically without causing side effects. Some patients have noticed the following health conditions:

  • headache;
  • general weakness;
  • nausea, lack of appetite.

Side effects become pronounced when the drug is combined with other antiviral substances, for example, with Interferon. Hepcinat cannot be treated in the following cases:

  • age up to 18 years;
  • period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • individual intolerance to the components.

It is not worth this group of patients to prescribe Sofosbuvir or Ledihep in parallel with Hepcinat, the price of such an “extreme” treatment is life. Studies have also not proven the safety of the drug for the reproductive system. Careful round-the-clock medical supervision is mandatory for elderly patients and those who have been diagnosed with liver and kidney failure. It is undesirable to combine Sofosbuvir and Hepcinat with such drugs as:

Treatment features

If you want to place an order through the Heptopic online store for the Hepcinat drug, then you should consider the following points:

  • Reception of tablets is carried out only under medical supervision.
  • The effect is observed when the drug is combined with other antiviral substances.
  • Daily dose should be reduced only as directed by the doctor.
  • The appearance of side effects is the reason for contacting a doctor.
  • The missed dose should be replenished soon.

Place an order for Hepcinat at a convenient time for you on the site, you can buy a certified generic in India at an affordable price.

Natco Pharma
Sofosbuvir (Sovaldi)
400 mg
28 Tablets

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