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Zydus Heptiza

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60 mg

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28 Tablets

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What Is Dacihep (Daclatasvir)?

Medical research in the treatment of liver diseases has led to a sensational discovery - even with chronic hepatitis C, of Dacihep (Daclatasvir) helps alleviate the course of the disease. The last Medicine in Russian pharmacies is missing, which threatens the health of people with similar problems. Thanks to the appearance in Moscow of generics from India, patients do not need to overpay or buy pills from unknown resellers. The presented funds in composition are complete substitutes for the original Medicine's. Directly on our website you can order Dacihep, without fear of acquiring a fake of this generic from India.

Composition and properties:

Dacihep (Daclatasvir) is a Medicine that inhibits the hepatitis C virus, in combination with auxiliary components - croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide. Thanks to Dacihep treatment from India, harmful microorganisms do not enter the bloodstream. Which is used Sofosbuvir as a concomitant component, destroys fatal cells directly at the site of localization. Dacihep acts extremely mildly and the side effects of its use are practically absent. Significant relief from the use of the medicine occurs within a few weeks

Who is the Medicine for?

Order Dacihep is necessary for patients suffering from chronic hepatitis C, with the expectation of a course of treatment at 12 weeks. If the disease is complicated by concomitant liver problems - cirrhosis, fibrosis, HIV, then the duration of therapy increases. When placing an order on this official website hepatit-off.ru, pre-calculate the required number of tablets, because it is much more profitable to buy a full course than each package individually.

Dacihep dosage is prescribed by the attending physician individually. The minimum daily dose is 30 mg. Treatment is not particularly difficult - just one tablet per day is sufficient, regardless of the meal. Just drink the medicine with plenty of water and try to take it at the same time.

Dacihep Uses:

Like any pill, Daclatasvir (Dacihep) is incompatible with certain agents. You cannot use the Medicine with drugs of a similar effect, since an overdose is possible. Parallel intake of tablets with substances that promote the production of hemo- and glycoproteins is also dangerous. Do not use Daclatasvir in patients:

  • under the age of 18;
  • with individual intolerance to lactose;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • allergic sufferers.

You should be careful about your health, and if you experience side effects in the form of headaches, lethargy, nausea, loss of appetite, insomnia, dizziness, stomach upsets, irritability, seek treatment adjustment.

How to buy Dacihep Online in India?

Make sure to buy Dacihep in India right now. Start an effective fight against viral liver diseases. Self-medication can not only not give the expected results, but also cause significant harm to health, therefore, before purchasing Daclatasvir, consult with a specialist and Live Support.

Zydus Heptiza
60 mg
28 Tablets

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